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We're passionate about good, fun, clean living and simple design. We love to promote our lifestyle but found that what was currently available didn't match our love for high quality, authentic style so we created BEKAI – where lifestyle meets designHere at BEKAI, we encourage getting back to your roots. We are crazy about healthful living, adventures, and rustic design. So we've created a few collections of products to help us promote the things we're crazy about. We know many of you share the same passions as us - so grab a tee and join us in sharing your lifestyle with the world! 

Well, we wanted our name to be unique yet simple – just like our lifestyle. Turns out, it’s super hard to come up with a name that hasn’t already been used before. So we broke out our creativity. Our passion for good, fun, clean living brought us to Hawaii where we fell in love with the aloha spirit, the islands, and the Hawaiian language. It’s here where we were introduced to the word “kai” meaning ocean. The ocean and water itself, is a big part of our lifestyle. So we put it together with the word “be”: to exist or live in the present. BEKAI came to be the perfect name for the lifestyle we live and the brand it represents.

We are excited to share BEKAI with you and help you promote your “back to the roots” lifestyle with the world.


  • Grab a shirt or two
  • Take a picture living your BEKAI life
  • Tag us on Facebook & Instagram using the handle @shopbekai
  • And let us know what BEKAI means to you

Check out our LIFESTYLE page:
We've got a team of brand ambassadors rocking our gear and we're showcasing some of their photos on our LIFESTYLE page. If you think your lifestyle fits perfectly with our brand, we'd love to have you has an ambassador for our brand and feature your photos of our products. Just send us a quick email to with your name and instagram handle and we'll be in touch!